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October 29, 2012
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Superheroes Defeated by Gery850 Superheroes Defeated by Gery850
A demonic warlord from a another dimension has declared war on the nation's of Earth and began invading the planet.The world's greatest superheroes alongside Earth's military forces fight againt's the demonic warlord and his forces but can even American Dragon and the world's greatest superheroes stop this demonic warlord and his forces from conquering the planet?

And yes this demonic warlord character in the drawing is the same demon character I already drawn once : [link]

I really liked how that demon character looked like and for this drawing I wanted to draw a big and powerful demon that has beaten my superhero character's and I couldn't come up with a demonic character so I drew this demon again and this time not just his face and head.I also once saw a demon like this one in a movie,but I can't remember the name of the movie or too much of the movie itself because I was very young at the time I saw it,but I still remember a little of this demon character and how he looked like.
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